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In the News: Following the HMS Tamar

News coverage is picking up on whether the HMS Tamar has been found near the old Wan Chai Ferry Pier. The Sunday Morning Post Magazine (10 May 2015) and the South China Morning Post (28 March 2015) and The Telegraph (26 June 2015) have written extensively on the underwater discovery found during construction of the Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor. Laying six metres below the seabed, the reported dimensions of the object are 40 metres long by 20 metres wide by two metres high. If it is the remains of HMS Tamar it would be an historical discovery and is integral to Hong Kong’s heritage.

Learn more in HKMM's In the News background report or by clicking on the links below. 

For additional information, please contact Richard Wesley, Museum Director at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum at +852 3713 2500 or richardwesley@hkmaritimemuseum.org.

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