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HKMM: A Unique Maritime Incubator

In 2003 ago a motion was put by a small group of members of the Hong Kong Ship Owners Association that the organisation should support the creation of a maritime museum in Hong Kong. The motion was passed and a working party duly created to further this ambitious objective. Ten years later the city boasts a brand new 4400 m2 museum on the edge of Victoria Harbour with a staff of thirty, a healthy Endowment Trust, a growing collection and aspirations to be a leading cultural institution in the region.
This paper proposes that such an achievement was only possible because of the unparralled growth of the Hong Kong based shipping industry that occurred after the Second World War. Over the last sixty years Hong Kong has become a byword for ship ownership, maritime logistics and ship management, fierce commercial competitiveness and large scale investment in Port facilities designed to service Southern China and the special economic zone of Shenzhen.