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13 Feb 2017
In 2014, Hong Kong-based environmentalist and Maker-Bay Director Cesar Harada took a group of schoolchildren to a local lake to test a plastic sensor they had developed. But the test had to be abandoned almost ... more
Fragrant Harbour - WEB
01 Aug 2016
In the 1970s, Vietnamese refugees struggled to escape from their own country after the 20-year Vietnam War. ... more
02 Nov 2015
In 2014, HKMM successfully partnered with the University of Oxford on a special exhibition Mapping Ming China’s Maritime World: The Selden Map and Other Treasures from the University of Oxford. The ... more
23 Oct 2015
A bi-lingual publication detailing each of the 34 painting depicting the famous Jingdezhen kilns and the Chinese porcelain production process in the 18th century ... more
23 Sep 2015
For the first time Hong Kong's underwater cultural heritage has been documented with the aim of informing the local community ... more