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    School and Community Group Bookings

Our Education and Public Programmes team coordinates school, university, community and group visits and tours. School and community visits booked in advance are free. To book a visit, please: 

Helpful Information     

  • To confirm a space, please book at least two weeks in advance; 
  • Proof of registered charity status, R88, is required for free school and community group visits; 
  • The Museum has the capacity to book two morning school/group visits and two afternoon school/group visits; 
  • Cancellations should be made at least 14 days in advance; 
  • Address your email with the subject line: Application for School / Community Visit
  • The Museum can reimburse local schools in certain districts for their transport costs. For more information click here
  • HKMM staff will respond within 10 working days to confirm receipt of your request.