• Get involved

As an independent cultural institution that plays a vital role in the community of Hong Kong, we rely on donors and volunteers for ongoing support. There are thousands of businesses and individuals connected to the shipping and marine industry and thousands more with a passion for the seas. Get involved! We have a multitude of ways to do so, including:

We have enhanced our fundraising and development capacity and expanded resources responsible for direct outreach and programme management, such as hosting fundraising events to engage with supporters and establish new relationships. 

  • We host fundraising events to engage with supporters and establish new relationships;
  • A CSR Partner Programme is also a way that local and global businesses can connect corporate social responsibility priorities and commitments with the Museum; and
  • Direct and in-kind donations are always accepted. 

Read our Annual Report for more information, highlights of achievements and performance against KPIs set by HKMM's directors and the Hong Kong Government, our principal benefactor. Our recently published 2015-2020 Strategic Plan provides an outline for the future of HKMM.  

For more information about how you can support the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, email info@hkmaritimemuseum.org or call +852 3713 2500.