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    Making of a Modern Port

Swire Gallery - Making of a Modern Port

This second section of the Swire Gallery describes the modernization of Hong Kong`s port in the last 60 years, when changes in China`s political focus turned it into the core hub of the region and modernization in the shipping industry triggered huge expansion.

Hong Kong emerged from the Second World War into a much altered world.  With the declaration of the People`s Republic of China and the closing of Chinese ports to trade, Hong Kong became the focal hub for trade in South East Asia.   There were also huge changes occurring in the shipping industry itself, spearheaded by both the container revolution and the changes in ship design and size.  The old world of manpower and open pallets of cargo gave way to a world of containers and cranes.  The port expanded enormously onto specially reclaimed land in order to accommodate ever bigger and more specialized ships, finally  becoming a superhub for the region. 

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