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Mist over the Sundarbans at dawn, Bangladesh

Being Water

An Exhibition of Photographs by Basil Pao

Hong Kong, 13 March, 2017 – From 21 March to 1 April 2017, Being Water, an exhibition of photographs by the renowned Hong Kong-based photographer Basil Pao, will be presented at The Long Gallery of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The exhibition will provide viewers with an opportunity to discover for themselves the Taoist philosophy behind this collection of ‘Water’ themed images.

The idea for ‘Being Water’, originated from Chapter 8 of the Tao Te Ching (道德經), in which Lao’zi (老子) advised the reader to emulate the spirit and moral characteristics embodied by Water:

“The Highest Good is like Water

For Water is benevolent, it gives life to ten thousand creations without strive

It flows to lowliest places the masses despise, in accordance with the Way…

True Goodness

Dwells on Benign land

Feels profound stillness in the Abyss of the Heart

Engages other beings with Gentle Kindness

Stays True to its Word

Rules with Just Authority

Conducts Affairs with Skillful Efficiency

And Initiates Timely Action when Movement is required

And when the Truly Good will not quarrel

No one will find fault with him.”

The collection of photographs in the exhibition are selected from three of Pao’s earlier books, including: Yi’Jing - Book of Changes | The Great Walls of China series; OM | Ordinary Moments; Blazing Shadows | A World of Black & Light; and from his latest series Light Flight, an exhibition of which was first shown at the HKMM in May 2016.